Current Works


relational performance


A performance based on portraits, done by writing instead of by painting.

In the second part of the performance the spectator can ufficially become an artist, passing the border and working together with Antonio Irre to create and sign a work of art.

Download the info sheet  clicking HERE (in english language) or see the trailer!

PAROLE DENTRO VINTAGE (Inner Words Vintage Edition)

Visual Arts

danese trittico.png

Using the same technique developed for “Parole Dentro”, portraits are done on vintage photographies, and then passed to another artist, who creates a work of art starting from both photo and portrait. A process of collaboration, that blooms in different ways, according to the poetic of each artist.

Works in cooperation with Paolo Danese, Federica Benegiamo, Chiara Coltro, Matteo Schiavon, Sara Zamperlin.

See the Full Catalog or watch the video of presentation.


surrealist performance

Nebulosa - Irre - ph Leandro Zampieri (16)

The action is inspired by the lithography «Nebulosa» By Joan Mirò, and by the text Arcane 17, by André Breton.

Starting from a white space, the night arrives, and the nebulosa is slowly built.

Readings by Jodorowski, Baudelaire, Majakowski, live drumming of an artisanal bell/ball, with heavenly sound.

A surrealist action, the infinite loneliness of the human being, and its delicate secrecy.

For indoor or outdoor spaces.

See the full video of the performance.


SciArt research& production project



My current project between Art&Science, focused on plant communication.

See all details at the page: PLart Project


IL PRATO INFINITO (endless meadow)

Itinerant theatre play

prato infinito

Open air performance of physical theatre, inspired by the Methamorphosis of Plants by Goethe and Palomar by Calvino, and by the Theory of Complexity.

A reflection on nature and the human being between art and science.

See video and photos HERE , download the english translation of the text HERE and write me for more info in english language!



I am specialized in theatre-outside-theatres. I can arrange site-specific performances designed for your site. Theatre or performance art.

See as an example the short video of Spiriti Sottili, site-specific performance developed for the garden of Villa Barbarigo Valsanzibio, a spiritual garden from the XVII century.

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The new show called “the Time Machine” is ready! Developed together with the dancer Flow Ra, it’s a 15 min. circus-theatre show with dance, music, fire and stilts. Give us a memory and travel from the past to the present!

macchina tempo pamali ph Alissa Signor -2

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