I was selected to take part to “The Panoptic Garden”, a one-week intensive program organized by the Uzbekistan National Pavillion at Biennale di Venezia (Arsenale pavillion). It has been a great experience, I had the opportunity to discuss about my art&science research on plant communication and learn so much about other artists, and about Uzbekistan…

Back from Documenta Fifteen

It was short but intense! Well, where to start? I was honored to share this experience with more than 40 artists from all over the world involved in OVERLAPPING KASSEL, an independent performance art festival curated by Qing Cai, which overlaps the official thing with an invasion of colors, moves and ideas. And that’s where…


Ready to fly to the one and only Kassel, following the footprints of masters such as Joseph Beuys I am coordinating an artists’ meeting: awareness as ground needed to be able to walk. I’ll keep you updated! WHY ARE WE HERE? Does the world need our art? In the framework of OVERLAPPING DOCUMENTA, curated by…

KORE! Public Art in Padova

At dawn Padova is even more beautiful. I designed a new piece of Public Art and invited Federica Tavian Ferrighi to define the action and perform together. It was magic. On monday May 5th (12.30 CEST) the full video will be available at the page Check it out!


A new show about PLANT COMMUNICATION was presented on SUPERMARKET ART FAIR in Stockholm, Sweden, to a public of art professional. Finally out, this work was in my head for many years, and it is part of the research betweeen Art&Science that I am carrying on, you can check more at the page


Nuova replica dello spettacolo A fior D’Acqua, di Antonio Irre, su Porta Portellod


I am going to show some works from “INNER WORDS -VINTAGE EDITION” on the main contemporary art fair of Padova, thanks to the support of a fellow artist Chiara Coltro. I am also going to perform “Nebulosa” on Sunday 17th, in cooperation with Alessandro Zanini, who is going to present the work “Arcane 17” by…

Next steps

Summertime is hot! See you at PAMALI festival for a workshop on body awareness, theatrical incursions inside the festival, and a new street show with stilts, dance, live music… and  fire! See you on friday 9th Stilts again on the 24, 25 and 26 of August in San Leo, the town of Cagliostro’s tower, for…


In april I am going to perform in Stockholm! Come and have your portrait, and become an artist yourself with Parole Dentro! April 3rd, Supermarket 2019: soon more info April 5th, Istitituto Italiano di Cultura: see details (THANKS TO IIC STOCCOLMA FOR THE KIND SUPPORT)  

Il Prato Infinito nel Giardino più bello d’Italia!

Sabato 29 Luglio 2017 alle ore 16:00 e 17:00 Domenica 30 Luglio 2017 alle ore 11:00, 16:00 e 17:00 Il pubblico avrà l’occasione di ammirare le bellezze del Giardino di Valsanzibio muovendosi nell’immaginario in cui l’attore accompagnerà, riscoprendole attraverso altri punti di vista non convenzionali, in uno spettacolo che si muove tra Arte e Scienza….