I have been selected to participate to PERFORMA24 in Milan, and I will present not one but two works: Nebulosa and Parole Dentro. Thanks to ZonaBLu and Mare Culturale Urbano.

I am preparing my new show on the water, abord a canoe, for one spectator at a time: A Fior d’Acqua, for Spazio ai giovani Festival in Este, Euganean Hills. I am also cooperating with a great pottery artist and a 400-years old factory, what can happen? You will discover on April 30th.

Last but not least I was selected for OVERLAPPING DOCUMENTA by curator Qing Cai! A counter-manifestation during the most famous DOCUMENTA 2022, together with over 70 international artists. Following the example of Beuys, I am going to propose an action about “Why are we here? Is our art necessary?”.

Keep follow my page, or my IG account @irreantonio!

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