National prize for Citofoni Rosa!


On friday May 5th, I got the national prize PREMIO GATTAMELATA for the project Citofoni Rosa!

The Gattamelata prize is a national award to promote the culture and practice of volunteering and solidarity by CSV.

The motivation is the following:

Through the project, Antonio invites citizens to paint their doorbell in pink, which is meant to be a symbol of openness to meeting others: in fact, if a doorbell is pink, anyone can ring it and have a chat. A sign explains the project, and it’s possible to indicate the hours when it’s possible to ring the doorbell.
This idea, in its simplicity, represents a gesture of generative kindness that helps the community shorten the distance between people, and makes them become active in an innovative form of civic “volunteering”. Antonio has also always been active in cultural associations, making his passion and skills available for the growth of volunteering.

Here more info:

I dedicated the prize to all pioneers which believed in the project.

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