On Sept. 10, 2022 Padua-based artist Antonio Irre will be hosted at the National Pavilion of Uzbekistan at the Venice Art Biennale with his latest show PLANT STILLNESS. Debuting at the 59th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia, the National Pavilion of Uzbekistan presents Dixit Algorizmi – The Garden of Knowledge, curated and designed…


I was selected to take part to “The Panoptic Garden”, a one-week intensive program organized by the Uzbekistan National Pavillion at Biennale di Venezia (Arsenale pavillion). It has been a great experience, I had the opportunity to discuss about my art&science research on plant communication and learn so much about other artists, and about Uzbekistan…

Back from Documenta Fifteen

It was short but intense! Well, where to start? I was honored to share this experience with more than 40 artists from all over the world involved in OVERLAPPING KASSEL, an independent performance art festival curated by Qing Cai, which overlaps the official thing with an invasion of colors, moves and ideas. And that’s where…


Ready to fly to the one and only Kassel, following the footprints of masters such as Joseph Beuys I am coordinating an artists’ meeting: awareness as ground needed to be able to walk. I’ll keep you updated! WHY ARE WE HERE? Does the world need our art? In the framework of OVERLAPPING DOCUMENTA, curated by…

World Environment Day

I will play “Il prato infinito” (“the infinite meadow”) on June 5th for the World Environment Day. A walking theatre show, about what is a meadow and what is not. Or maybe there is no clear distinction? See you in Cittadella (PD). Reservation:

UPDATED portfolio!

As you may know, my artistic production is quite wide, the best way to explore it is my portfolio. Check it out! Go to PORTFOLIO page

KORE! Public Art in Padova

At dawn Padova is even more beautiful. I designed a new piece of Public Art and invited Federica Tavian Ferrighi to define the action and perform together. It was magic. On monday May 5th (12.30 CEST) the full video will be available at the page Check it out!


I am very happy to curate again the artistic program of SOLIDARIA ON THE BALKON, the Festival of the Volunteering that is going to happen in Padova in September. We opened a call for spaces: a double call, both for private spaces that are willing to host artists and for public spaces that citizens thinks…


I have been selected to participate to PERFORMA24 in Milan, and I will present not one but two works: Nebulosa and Parole Dentro. Thanks to ZonaBLu and Mare Culturale Urbano. I am preparing my new show on the water, abord a canoe, for one spectator at a time: A Fior d’Acqua, for Spazio ai giovani…

Writing and Recording

While it’s still pretty hard to organise any performance, I am working on some online social projects about heritage and spoken theatre. I am writing different texts starting from stories by elderly people of my town, and recording them together some youngster, even children from the primary school! Writing is so nice and listening to…


A new show about PLANT COMMUNICATION was presented on SUPERMARKET ART FAIR in Stockholm, Sweden, to a public of art professional. Finally out, this work was in my head for many years, and it is part of the research betweeen Art&Science that I am carrying on, you can check more at the page

PLart – video reportage of PHASE 1

I finally mounted the interviews that I took this summer to the group of researchers I am cooperating with, for PLart project. Thi is part of my first residency at Ecology Center, SLU University, Uppsala, Sweden. Enjoy the talks!