PLart – Part 1, Day 1

25°C and a shining sun welcome me in Uppsala. During the morning, after a delicious cinnamon bun along the river, I was welcomed by Rebecka Wigh Abrahamsson, curator at Uppsala Konstmuseum (Uppsala Art Museum).

I was lucky enough to visit part of the exhibition by Alvaro Campo, Time Observatory, even if the museum was closed and they were dismantling it. The works are a reflection on time and its relativity. I loved his pieces Equinoxy, and of course Eight automated rainbows and the progress of flowers, which you can see in action in the photo below. I wasn’t able to photograph the rainbow though.

Rebecka Wigh Abrahamsson showing me rainbows

After a panoramic lunchtime, again along the river, I went to Linnaeus Botanical Garden and House. Linnaeus should have been a interesting character to meet, a great observer, but also very ambitious and practical.

Uppsala lunch break
Lunchtime at the river
Anna-Pia form Linnaeus Garden showing his famous plant classification
Rudbeckia & company filling my eyes with joy
A lovely impossible idea: a clock based on flowers, depending at what time they open. Very fancy, very useful and democratic at that time, since clocks were very expensive. Actually he never succeeded in building it.

Then a lot of walking, and installing in my place for a week, a tiny house southern than Uppsala, a little into the woods. So silent here!

tiny house
my little red tiny house
lego cathedral
Uppsala cathedral is made by Lego Technics (or at least it looks so)

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