PLart – Part 1, Day 2

Today I started working hard. Using a perfectly-working bus system, I arrived at Ekologicentrum of Swedish University of Agricultural Studies, where prof. Velemir Ninkovic warmly welcomed me.

Beautifully immersed into a giant campus into the woods, finally I arrived at the right place. In right time.

We met with Anna Lundmark of the Communication Department to make the last arrangements for the itinerant play that I am going to perform tomorrow (see more at this link), after an extensive walk into the campus.

Prof. Ninkovic started to explain me the different activities that the center is carrying on, studying plant communication, insect behaviour, and the combination of the two. The noble objective is to completely change the way we do agriculture nowadays, avoiding extensive monocultures and empowering positive connections between plants, and their guests, that is insects, but also birds.

I also met two researcher of his team, and two PhD students, videorecording interviews, exchanging knowledge.

Sokha Kheam
Sokha Kheam, PhD student from Cambodia
Merlin rensing
Merlin Rensing, PhD student from Germany
Dimitrije Markovic
Dimitrjie Markovic, Researcher
Ida Kollberg, researcher, showing me her giant afids

Tomorrow I will be”on stage” in a wonderful garden of the campus called “the Knowledge Garden”, I think Mr. Palomar would like to live there. And a more extensive visit to the labs!

In the meanwhile I enjoy my working position as you can see above.

Entrance Ekologicentrum
little tiny house

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  1. Connor R says:

    Loved rreading this thank you

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