PLart – Part 1, Day 4

Field trip today! We went few kilometers form the Campus, where live experiments are done. In each block there is a different variety of wheat, or a mixture of two different varieties. Which one will give better yield?

fields wide
open field experiments

prof indica

In the field next to our another experiment were carried by a different team: what if we sow clover togheter with wheat?

sampling wheat
time to collect samples

But there is also a secret mission this time: the team have to record a video for the promotion of a European Project they are working on. The researcher’s job is also this one!

fare video
Faking measurements for video purposes

We also observed the behaviour of different weeds that were surrounding the fields: they can decide wheter to spread through the underground, occupying a wide space, or bring energies to the top, and create seeds that are going to be dispersed. But the question is: how do they decide that?

beauty vs utility
beauty vs utility

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