PLart – Part 1, Day 3

What a long day! I started by doing reharsals for my piece, in my favourite practice room: nature. My tiny house is close to the Ekoln lake, and I enjoyed biking there and feeling the fresh breeze. Yes, I have a bike! Kristen and her girlfriend were so nice to borrow me one. Who is Kristen? I really don’t know well, I just wrote to a local group and she answered yes! Nice things happening along the street.

the wooden way to the lake
This image can’t transmit the energy of sun, wind and water all together

Then I moved to Ekologicentrum, where Prof. Ninkovic continued to show their works, expecially the labs. He showed me how they study effects of lights and VOCs (that are basically vapours, such as fragrances) permits plants to communicate each other. Communicating through light? Yes! They can module the part of light that is reflected, and get signals from them.

velemir fluo
Light control system
Apart from having a poetic lighting, this is the house of ladybugs, which makes it even more poetic
Plants are growing!

Then I had my play “The infinite meadow” at the Garden of Knowledge, a wonderful place that helped me a lot. About 40 persons were attending, it is actually hard to understand if Swedish people is appreciating what you are doing, but prof. Ninkovic and his colleagues showed me some nice appraciation. Expecially, I think this is the first time that I think my play was understood 100% (despite the sabotage of my italinglish).

Part of the Knowledge Garden, build by students for the communiy. Every bench is different in this park!

Tomorrow another exciting day! Field trip, and then heading toward Stockolm. But I will tell you more tomorrow, or probably the day after, since it’s going to be a long day and night!

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