PLart – video reportage of PHASE 1

I finally mounted the interviews that I took this summer to the group of researchers I am cooperating with, for PLart project. Thi is part of my first residency at Ecology Center, SLU University, Uppsala, Sweden. Enjoy the talks!


Nuova replica dello spettacolo A fior D’Acqua, di Antonio Irre, su Porta Portellod

New portfolio of VISUAL ART!

Thanks to Ioan Pilat, who made a wonderful job, my artworks are finally been photographed and now put in a tiny tidy portfolio. All my works of visual art starts from my work as performance artist, but then live their lives. Most of them have a collaborative approch, is so much fun work with others…


I am going to show some works from “INNER WORDS -VINTAGE EDITION” on the main contemporary art fair of Padova, thanks to the support of a fellow artist Chiara Coltro. I am also going to perform “Nebulosa” on Sunday 17th, in cooperation with Alessandro Zanini, who is going to present the work “Arcane 17” by…