Ready to fly to the one and only Kassel, following the footprints of masters such as Joseph Beuys I am coordinating an artists’ meeting: awareness as ground needed to be able to walk.

I’ll keep you updated!


Does the world need our art?

In the framework of OVERLAPPING DOCUMENTA, curated by Qing Cai and involving +80 artists from all over the world, Antonio Irre will facilitate an artists’ meeting, about the deeper motivations of all the invited artists. Using simple techniques (talking stick, body-based graphs, celebration) the artists are going to be able to stop for a while their active attitude and focus on their inner motivations, as parts of a bigger scheme, where arts intersect society, being Art mother and son of humanity at the same time.

The meeting is going to be closed by a performative action by Antonio Irre on an inflatable kayak, connecting the artists’ individual and collective wills and aspirations to the water, as source of adaptability, as sacred receiver of dreams, as ultimate support for life.

June 17th 10 a.m. – 12 a.m.

Kassel, Beach of Buga Kassel (https://goo.gl/maps/w6539cGPLjcodFNQ9)

In the framework of OVERLAPPING DOCUMENTA FESTIVAL. Thanks to curator Qing Cai.

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