Back from Documenta Fifteen

It was short but intense! Well, where to start?

I was honored to share this experience with more than 40 artists from all over the world involved in OVERLAPPING KASSEL, an independent performance art festival curated by Qing Cai, which overlaps the official thing with an invasion of colors, moves and ideas.

And that’s where I focused my energies, organizing a workshop for all artists having the self-explaining title of “WHY ARE WE HERE?”. It was very recharging for me to hear so much dedication and different motivations from the different artists.

After individual and collective exercises, I distillated few words:








The work then turned more aesthetical, we printed the words on leaves, using a technique I used for other performances, and we walked down to the river in a singing parade. Leaves carrying words were then donated to water. This is the song I taught, I wrote the lyrics adapting the music from “Il Galeone”, am Italian anarchist song from the 70s. It was great.


wd half creators

so le are a charming symphony

we sing along together

enjoying our common destiny

thanking and celebrating

we are a charming symphony

we dream along together

Overlapping and Kasseling

half pirates anet’s raise our glasses

we sing along together

Overlapping by Kassel see

stars show the way to seekers

so let’s raise our glasses

we dream along together

Overlapping by Kassel see

stars show the way to seekers (x3)

On Saturday, in an incredibly hot weather, I also performed a small action in front of Fredericianum, by Beuys’ trees, as an homage to the great artist: DO NOT STEP ON. I was able to defend a piece of lawn for at least few minutes. Well, after one hour it was already gone. Humans don’t really watch where they are stepping.

As for the official Documenta, which I was able to preview thanks to a professional accreditation (at least in part, it’s huge!), I think rangrupa collective tried hard to do things in different way, and I really appreciated the efford. I was moved by so many artists being persecuted for their art: is art really so dangerous? Is my art dangerous? Should it be even more?

See you in 5 years Documenta! But I am sure I will meet many of my new artists friends soon. New Collaboration are already sprouting.

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